« Omniscient currencies could be the most effective peaceful trigger for (unlimited?) human operability to the verge of environmental issues, economic uncertainty, financial crisis, political disorientation, social unrest, cultural misunderstanding, etc. »

David, 14.04.2020

with omniscient currencies akti.co will improve the way you


Is your aim to stock and certify identified values ?

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Either you are a bank, a university, a research centre, a guru or a scientist for example, your intelligence could confer on your users the legitimacy to grow a given capital and use its values on the market, rewarding you for each achievement.

with omniscient currencies akti.co will improve the way you


Does your business change the life of your clients for the better ?

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Either you are a craftswoman or craftsman, a doctor, a farmer, a teacher, an engineer or a public servant for example, the benefits of your skills and knowledges could improve your users' values and yours at the same time.

with omniscient currencies akti.co will improve the way you


Is your daily routine about making the world more human-sized, nevertheless more elastic to the extraordinary, more respectful to the truth, the Earth and the universe, more balanced between the legacy, the spontaneity and the evolution ?

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Either you are a journalist, a pioneer, a friend, an adventurer, a judge, a philodendron, a bartender, a volunteer, a humorist, a social network, an artist, a parent or a philanthropist for example, you could write with your thoughts and choices the stories which can help us discover more values in ourselves and around us, providing the perks you deserve.


giving choice power


Let's akti.co !

And if each word is one step forward...

Y si cada palabra es un paso adelante...

Et si chaque mot est un pas en avant...

Und wenn jedes Wort ein Schritt voran ist...

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